Creating Association Data Cubes

To create an association data cube:

  1. Select Start > Programs > PeopleTools 8.5x > Application Designer to access PeopleSoft Application Designer.

  2. After signing in to the PeopleSoft Application Designer, with an analytic model definition opens, select Part > New > Data Cube.

    The Edit Part Name dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the data cube name.

  4. Click the OK button.

  5. Format the data cube as a member of a dimension.

    This dimension contains the members that the end user will group or categorize. In the application, these members appear in the left-hand column of the data cube's data.

    See Defining General Data Cube Properties.

  6. Attach a different dimension to the data cube.

    This dimension contains the categories by which the end user will group the members of the X dimension. These members appear in the right-hand column of the data cube's data. The end user can select these members from a drop-down list box.

    See Attaching a Dimension to a Data Cube.