Inserting and Resizing Analytic Grid Controls

To insert an analytic grid on a page:

  1. Select Start > Programs > PeopleTools 8.5x > Application Designer to access PeopleSoft Application Designer.

  2. After signing in to the PeopleSoft Application Designer, open a page definition.

  3. Select Insert > Analytic Grid.

  4. Drag to place the grid on the page.

  5. If you need to adjust the grid width, drag the horizontal or vertical control handles.

    The grid width should be roughly equivalent to the columns that you insert into the grid. Otherwise, the grid might appear too wide or narrow at runtime.

    Note: The grid height depends on the data contained in the grid.

Note: These steps insert an analytic grid control on the page, but so far you have not associated this analytic grid with the relevant model or record definition. You establish this association by means of the Analytic Grid Properties dialog box.