Running the PTAEACECONV Application Engine Program

This topic discusses how to run the PTAEACECONV Application Engine program.

Before running PTAEACECONV from PeopleSoft Application Designer, you must customize the program to find the location and file name of the correct XML file. In PeopleSoft Application Designer, open the PTAEACECONV Application Engine program definition and view the PeopleCode in Step01. Scroll down to the following PeopleCode:

If (&modelName = "") Then
   &modelName = "TEST";

If (&xmlFilePath = "") Then
   &xmlFilePath = "C:\PeopleSoft\text.xml";

Replace the TEST variable with the XML filename of the exported BAM 8.8 model.

Replace the C:\PeopleSoft\text.xml variable with the full path to the XML file of the exported BAM 8.8 model.

Note: The path must include the full name and extension of the XML file, for example: C:\User\employment\employment.xml.

When completing the run request, select to output a log to a file. Either use the default path c:\temp\PTAEACECONV.logor create your own path.

You use PeopleSoft Application Designer to create a PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture page that can run the PTAEACECONV Application Engine program. This page must contain the following PeopleCode event:

Local Record &staterec = CreateRecord(Record.PTACECONV_AET);
&staterec.ACEMODELID.Value = <model_name>;
CallAppEngine("PTAEACECONV", &staterec);

Both the <ACEXMLFILEPATH> and <model_name> variables should be replaced by user input.

For example, you would enter C:\User\employment\employment.xml for the <ACEXMLFILEPATH> variable, and Employment for the <model_name> variable.