Setting the Default Value for the Accessibility Layout Personalization

When you install PeopleTools, accessibility layout features to support assistive technology are turned off, by default, and users who want to use the features must enable them in My Personalizations. You can change the default value of the Accessibility Layout personalization if you want to make the accessibility layout features visible to all users by default. For example, if the majority of your user assistive technology, you might make these features available to everyone by default so that individual users do not have to enable them.

Note: Keyboard-only navigation features are available to all users and do not require users to enable accessibility layout features.

To change the default value of the Accessibility Layout personalization:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options to access the Define Personalizations page.

  2. Enter PPTL on the search page and click Search to open the PeopleTools personalization options.

    The Accessibility Layout (ACCESS) personalization should appear at or near the top of the list.

  3. Select the Format tab.

    The current default value appears in the Option Default Value column.

  4. To change the default value, click the Set Option Default Value link.

  5. Select one of the following values:

    Field or Control


    Screen reader mode off

    Select this option to disable accessibility layout features, by default. Users who want to use the accessibility features must manually enable them in My Personalizations.

    Screen reader mode on

    Select this option to enable all of the accessibility layout features that are available, by default. Users who do not want to use the accessibility layout features must manually disable them in My Personalizations.

    See Accessibility in PeopleSoft Applications.

    This option is designed for people who are blind or visually impaired who use assistive technology, such as screen readers.

  6. Click OK to apply the change and return to the Define Personalizations page.

  7. Click Save.