Creating New Page Definitions

To create a new page definition, either clone an existing page or begin with a blank page. Cloning is more efficient because you do not have to recreate controls that are common to all pages. You can also create a template that contains only the controls that you need.

This section discusses how to:

  • Clone page definitions.

  • Create a blank page.

Note: When saving new definitions, always make sure to adhere to accepted naming conventions.

See Saving Definitions.

To clone a page definition:

  1. Select File > Open.

    The Open Definition dialog box appears.

  2. Specify Page for the definition and locate the page that you want to clone.

  3. When the system retrieves the page definition, select File > Save As.

    If you save after you make modifications, you might accidentally overwrite the old page definition.

  4. Enter a new page name.

    To create a new page template, name the page so that it appears at the top of your page list.

  5. Click OK.

Note: Record definition names are restricted to a maximum of 15 characters; page names can have up to 18 characters.

To create a new page without copying an existing page, select File > New > Page.

When saving the page, make sure that you adhere to the accepted naming conventions.

See Saving Definitions.