Specifying Market-Specific Components

You might want to add custom features to a component that is specific to an international market or region. For example, suppose that a page is used in a procedure for hiring new employees and that the procedure includes special transactions that are required only when an employee is hired in Brazil. You can create a custom component using the same component name as the component from which it is derived and saving it using a market setting of BRA:

Image: Component saved with BRA Market setting

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Component saved with BRA Market setting. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Component saved with BRA Market setting

Market-specific components are independent of system-side language settings and are accessible to any users who have security access to the component. This setting enables an English-speaking user in New York, for example, to perform a procedure for hiring an employee in Brazil.

Access the market setting of a component using the PeopleCode %Market system variable. Consequently, you can maintain a single set of PeopleCode programs for a set of market-specific components and build conditional logic into the PeopleCode programs that run only in components with specific market settings.