PeopleCode Pre-Processor

If you want to analyze PeopleCode impacts on other PeopleCode, you must run the PeopleCode pre-processor to generate the database tables that Change Impact Analysis uses for an impact analysis. The pre-processor scans each PeopleCode program in the database for the presence of Import and Declare statements, which indicate references to other PeopleCode programs.

The PeopleCode pre-processor generates two tables:



You must have permission to create, delete from and write to these tables. If you have full privileges, you can create these tables prior to using Change Impact Analyzer.

You do not need to run the PeopleCode pre-processor every time you start Change Impact Analyzer—only when there have been changes to PeopleCode that would affect an analysis.

Note: Database administrators may consider assigning user IDs and passwords that grant read-only access to the database. However, users must have create and write access to these work tables used by Change Impact Analyzer.

To run the PeopleCode pre-processor, select Tools, PeopleCode Pre-Processor.