Importing PS_CUBEBUILDER.DAT File Using Data Mover Script PS_CUBEBUILDER.DMS

The data mover script PS_CUBEBUILDER.DMS includes the following items:

  • Tree structures.

    Includes two tree structures: CUBT_REGIONSTRUCT and CUBT_PRODUCTS.

  • Trees.

    Includes two trees: CUBT_PRODUCTS and CUBT_REGIONS.

    The tree CUBT_PRODUCTS is linked to the product table and makes use of setID controls to show how these controls work in trees.

    The tree CUBT_REGIONS is linked to the region table.

  • Data for all the tables that are imported in project CUB_TESTDATA.

The data import file PS_CUBEBUILDER.DAT includes all this set control data that is used for the trees and the sample data:

  • SetID

    Includes three setIDs: EUR, SHARE, and USA.

  • Record groups

    Includes one record group: CUBETEST.

  • Tableset controls

    Includes some tableset rows for set IDs: EUR, MODEL, SHARE, and USA.

Both PS_CUBEBUILDER.DAT and PS_CUBEBUILDER.DMS files are delivered as part of PeopleTools.

Note: The data mover file (PS_CUBEBUILDER.DMS) contains the IGNORE_DUPS option, which imports the data and will not overlay any possible user data that has the same keys. When data mover contains this IGNORE_DUPS option, it works only if you log into Data Mover in bootstrap mode.