Physical Document Formats

When building documents in the PeopleSoft system, you can create the following document formats:

  • XML-formatted documents.

  • Relational-formatted documents

  • JSON-formatted documents.

When you build out the format of a document, you are working with the physical document.

In an XML-formatted document, you manage XML schema details, such as target namespaces, whitespace, filtering blank elements, and so on. You also manage element tag names, prefixes, and more.

In a relational-formatted document, you map PeopleSoft records to documents.

To create a map, you map a document to a PeopleSoft record and then map the elements of that document to the fields of the PeopleSoft record. This mapping enables you to populate database rowsets using documents.

Creating relational maps for documents is optional.

In a JSON-formatted document you manage tag names.