Understanding Testing Documents

PeopleSoft provides a Document Tester utility that enables you to test the physical format of documents outside of runtime.


The Document Tester utility provides you the option of entering sample data values for primitive elements, as well as appending or deleting rows in collection elements. You can clear test values and actions at anytime, and assign new test values and actions and regenerate the test document.

Use the Document Tester to generate a physical document. The system then verifies if the format is valid and if it can be parsed. In addition, the system displays the generated document for you to view.

The Document Tester also provides a link to the Document Builder, should you need to make changes to a document as a result of testing it.

Note the following points about the Document Tester utility:

  • You can generate test documents with or without entering test data values or performing append and delete actions.

  • You cannot use the Document Tester to test CDATA type primitive elements.

Physical Documents Generated

The Document Tester provides the option to generate documents in the following physical formats:

  • XML.

  • JSON.

  • PeopleCode.

When you generate a document in the PeopleCode format, the system generates the PeopleCode to populate the document. You can cut the PeopleCode and paste it anywhere needed to populate the document. You need only supply the actual data for each element. Note that for collections, the code only shows one row of data (single create and append item).