Understanding Validating Document References to Metadata

PeopleSoft provides a Document/Metadata Validation utility that enables you to identify documents that are not properly coupled to other metadata objects and data. Typically, this situation occurs:

  • After the Project Copy process, when related metadata objects are not included in a project.

  • During development, when other developers modify metadata, such as records and fields.

After you identify the invalid references, you can either manually correct or create the necessary metadata in the database, or you can use the utility option to clear the invalid reference.

The Document/Metadata Validation utility features Documents, Messages, and Relational tabs that enable you to validate metadata references as described in the following table:




Displays any documents that have references to metadata that is not in the current database.

For an example, Document A could contain a compound element that is another document, Document B. If Document B is not in the current database, then the utility would identify it and display it in the utility.


You can define documents as a message type in PeopleSoft Integration Broker. The Messages tab displays messages that reference documents that are not defined in this database.


Displays any invalid record and field maps defined for relational-formatted documents.