Understanding Worklist Feeds

PeopleTools provides the WORKLIST feed data type to publish worklist feeds through the Feed Publishing Framework.

Worklist feeds provide the ability to view a user's worklist as a feed in real time. The feed is generated in the security context of the signed on user and displays the user’s current worklist items; however, it does not show worked items. By using worklist feeds, the worklist items can be available on systems other than the system that originated the entries without copying the data.

If worklist items are hosted on another system, then you must complete additional configuration in the local database for the node that represents that system.

Additional Configuration for Worklist Feeds

The local host node that contains the Worklist and Worklist Details pages must have defined content uniform resource identifier (URI) text and portal URI text. This configuration data will be used to generate the worklist item URLs. To find the node name, navigate to the Worklist page or the Worklist Details page and look at the URL, which will be similar to the following:


In the previous URL, ERP is the local host node; therefore, you must define the content URI text and portal URI text for the ERP node so that worklist feeds contain valid feed entries.

See Setting URI Text for Local Host Nodes.