Understanding Using the Connector Examples

This topic presents examples of how to use the connectors delivered with PeopleSoft Integration Broker.

The intention of the examples provided in this topic is to provide a starting point for exploring how the connectors work. The examples are designed to be simple and require the minimum set up and configuration necessary to invoke them.

If you try these examples and choose to cut the code samples provided in this document and paste them into PeopleSoft Application Designer, the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture, or text or XML editors, verify that single or double quotation marks are pasted into these mediums as straight quotes. Slanted or curly quotes will cause the code samples to fail.

To use this topic, you should have basic experience in using PeopleSoft Integration Broker. There is little background information presented in this topic and many of the basic steps involved in creating integrations are presented in general terms (for example, “create a new Service/Service Operation.”) Please refer to the appropriate information in the product documentation for information on how to complete basic tasks.