Understanding the PeopleSoft Integration Broker Connector SDK

This section discusses:

  • The PeopleSoft Integration Broker Connector SDK.

  • SDK contents.

  • SDK location.

  • SDK connector example.

Target connectors generate message requests, send them to integration participants, wait for responses from participants, and deliver the responses back to the gateway manager. Listening connectors receive message requests from integration participants, send them to the gateway manager, and deliver responses back to the integration participants.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker is bundled with connectors for use with PeopleSoft, HTTP, Java Messaging Service (JMS), PeopleSoft 8.1x, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) communication formats. You can use the PeopleSoft Integration Broker Connector SDK to build and implement connectors for other communication formats and application requirements.

The PeopleSoft Integration Broker Connector SDK includes:

  • Java classes that are required for creating connectors (including IBResponse and IBRequest objects).

  • Sample code for listening and target connector classes.

  • A Send Master utility to test connectors.

  • A Simple Post utility that enables third-party systems to post messages to the integration gateway.

The following table lists the location of the SDK and its contents.





Java classes


Sample code for listening and target connector classes


Send Master utility

Microsoft Windows:




Simple Post utility

PSIGW.war\WEB-INF\classes\com\peoplesoft \pt\simplepost 

Four sample connectors are provided as part of the SDK:

  • ExampleListeningConnector.java

  • ExampleServletListeningConnector.java

  • ExampleTargetConnector.java

  • SimpleFileTargetConnector.java

These connectors can be used as the basis for new development.

The ExampleListeningConnector and the ExampleServletListeningConnector highlight the differences between a minimalist listening connector and one intended to be run as a servlet.

The ExampleTargetConnector shows the basic requirements of a working target connector.

The SimpleFileTargetConnector is an example of a target connector written to perform a specific task: write outgoing message data to the file system.

To compile these connectors you must set the Java classpath to include the Integration Broker classes in:




The Java class path must also be set to include the runtime Jar file for the installed web server, for example:

weblogic.jar for a WebLogic installation