Monitoring Asynchronous Service Operation Transactions

Use the Monitor Overview page for a high-level overview of the status of asynchronous service operation transactions. You can group transactions by queue or service operation for viewing.

To access this page, select PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Operations Monitor > Asynchronous Services.

Image: Asynchronous Services – Monitor Overview page

This example shows the Asynchronous Services – Monitor Overview page.

Asynchronous Services - Monitor Overview page

After you search for queue information to view, the Results grid displays the results of your search.

This page displays search results by queue name or service operation name, depending on the selection you make in the Group By drop-down list box.

The processing status of service operations displays in the status columns (for example, Error, New, Started, and so on).

Most of the time, the status for a service operation that appears in the Result grid isDone. This means that the service operation instance arrived in the publication queue (creating the service operation headers only). However, other statuses can appear. For instance, if the pub/sub system is down, the status is New. If there are transformation or PeopleCode errors, the service operation status is Error. In addition, if you access the Service Operations Monitor at certain times, you might see a status of Started or Working. Use the other pages in this component to view more comprehensive status information.

The number of operation instances in a particular status display as a linked value. Click the link to open the data in the Operation Instances page where you can view more detailed information.