PeopleSoft Integration Broker Metadata

You use the following integration metadata to create and implement integrations using PeopleSoft Integration Broker

Field or Control


Integration PeopleCode

You use integration PeopleCode to send and receive messages, route messages and manipulate message content.

Integration gateway definitions

This definition is an application’s internal representation of an installed integration gateway. An application requires at least the local gateway, through which it can send and receive messages. Multiple nodes can share the same local gateway, which might be the only gateway that you need for all of the integrations.

Message definitions

Message definitions provide the physical description of the data that is being sent, including fields, field types, and field lengths.

Node definitions

Nodes represent any organization, application or system that will play a part in integrations. For example, nodes can represent customers, business units, suppliers, other trading partners, external or third-party software systems, and so on.

Node definitions define the locations to or from which messages can be routed.

Because an application can send messages to itself, a default local node definition that represents the application is delivered as part of the integration engine. Each PeopleSoft installation must have one, and only one, default local node

Queue definitions

Queues group asynchronous services for processing. In addition, they can dictate the order of processing of the asynchronous service operations .

Routing definitions

Routing definitions determine the sender and receiver of an integration. Routing definitions allow you to specify inbound and outbound transformations that enable you to transform data structures into those that the sending or receiving systems can understand.

Service definitions

Service definitions group service operations into logical groups or categories.

Service operation definitions

Service operations define the processing logic of an integration. They specify the inbound, outbound and fault messages associated with an integration, the integration PeopleCode to invoke, and the routing to use.

Transformation programs

A transformation or transform program is a type of Application Engine program that you develop and specify as part of a routing definition. PeopleSoft Integration Broker supports the use of Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) code and PeopleCode for developing transform programs.

Transform programs can transform, filter and translate data.