Third-Party Considerations

When no transformation is applied, applications using PeopleSoft Integration Broker send, and expect to receive, messages containing data that conforms to a minimum XML message structure: the PeopleSoft rowset-based message format.

When exchanging messages with third-party applications, you can:

  • Employ a transformation at the PeopleSoft end of each transaction to convert messages to or from the PeopleSoft rowset-based message format.

  • Require third-party applications to send and receive messages that comply with the PeopleSoft rowset-based message format. Third-party applications must comply with the rowset-based message format if both of the following are true:

    • Your PeopleSoft application uses the PeopleCode Message and Rowset classes to generate and send, or receive and process messages with Integration Broker.

    • You don’t want to employ PeopleSoft Integration Broker transformations to accommodate the third-party application.

Note: Third parties can submit messages to PeopleSoft Integration Broker systems using any listening connector registered with the local gateway. Regardless of the message data format, the third-party system is responsible for properly constructing the wrapper that contains the message data, and using the appropriate tools and protocols to address the connector.