Understanding Integrating with Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB-Based Services

This topic discusses how to consume and provide Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB-based services. This topic also features code examples to help illustrate consuming and providing Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB-based services.

Note: The code examples in this topic are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be used in a production environment.

Oracle Mediator is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Oracle Mediator separates integration concerns from applications and business logic. It moves data among disparate applications, both within and outside of an enterprise. It provides a messaging infrastructure and uses open standards to connect, transform, and route business documents. Oracle Mediator cannot provide services. Instead, it virtualizes endpoints and mediates between a client and a provider of a service.

In Oracle releases earlier than 11g, Oracle Mediator was named Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

PeopleSoft supports integrations Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB-based services. From a PeopleSoft perspective, the main differences between Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB are:

  • Oracle Mediator supports asynchronous request/response integrations. You cannot perform asynchronous request/response integrations using Oracle ESB.

  • PeopleSoft supports integrations with Oracle ESB nested WSDL documents. Note that Oracle Mediator does not support nested WSDL documents.

For more information about Oracle ESB or Oracle Mediator, visit the Oracle Technology Network online and enter the keywords Oracle ESB or Oracle Mediator.

You must install the following software components to perform integrations using Oracle ESB or Oracle Mediator:

Software Component



Installs the PeopleSoft application server and the web. Also installs PeopleSoft Integration Broker and the PeopleSoft SOA, including the integration gateway, publication/subscription system, Provide Services Wizard, Consume Services Wizard, and so on.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Required for integrations with Oracle Mediator 11g.

Oracle SOA Suite

Installs the Oracle services-oriented architecture, including Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Required only for Oracle 10.1.3g ESB-based integrations.

Oracle JDeveloper Studio

Oracle JDeveloper Studio 11g features the Oracle Mediator used to develop Mediator projects.

Oracle JDeveloper Studio 10.1.3g and earlier releases features the ESB Designer used to develop ESB projects.

Check the My Oracle Support website for the currently certified versions of Oracle SOA and Oracle JDeveloper Studio for use with PeopleTools.

Check PeopleSoft document for installation tips and other information.

See PeopleTools Installation for your database platform.

Check the following Oracle documentation for installation tips and other useful information:

  • Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start Guide.

  • Oracle SOA Suite Installation Guide.

  • Oracle JDeveloper Installation Guide.

  • Oracle Mediator Quick Start Guide.

  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Quick Start Guide.

  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus Installation Guide.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides a number of options that you can use to secure integrations. These include securing integrations at one or more of the following levels:

  • Web server.

  • Gateway level.

  • Application server level.

  • Node level.

  • User level.

  • Service operation level.

  • And so on.

It is important to fully investigate these security options and implement those that best suit your business needs.

It is also important that you investigate the security options available for the Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle JDeveloper and to implement those security options that fulfill your security requirements.