Understanding the Provide Web Service Wizard

PeopleSoft Integration Broker features a Provide Web Service wizard that steps you through the task of providing web services.

The Provide Web Service component (IB_WSDL_EXPORT) features a wizard you can use to provide web services. You can publish WSDL and WADL documents to the WSDL repository in the PeopleSoft system or publish WSDL documents to external UDDI repositories.

After you generate a WSDL or WADL document, the Provide Web Service wizard displays a URL for each document you generated. This enables you to access the WSDL document or WADL document content using the URL. In addition, PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides a WSIL URL which lists the provided services and corresponding WSDL URLs.

You can use the Provide Web Service wizard to select one or more services for which to generate WSDL documents or WADL documents. The system generates a separate document for each service.