Common Elements Used to Manage REST Services

Field or Control



(Optional.) Enter comments about the service or service definition.


Description of the service.

Is Provider

This option appears when the service is defined as a REST-based service.

Select the check box to define the service as a provider service.

Link Existing Operations

Click to add service operations already defined in the system to a service.

Object Owner ID

(Optional.) Indicates the owner of the service.

The owner ID helps to determine the application team that last made a change to a service definition. The values in the drop-down list box are translate table values that you can define in the OBJECTOWNERID field record.

Operation Type

Specifies how the service is transmitted.

On the Service page this field defines the operation type of the service operation added.

Provide Web Service

Click to launch the Provide Web Services component and export a PeopleSoft REST service as a WADL document.

This link appears only when the service is a provider REST service.

REST Method

Indicates the HTTP method for manipulating REST resources.

REST Service

The service is defined as a REST-based service when this box is selected.

Schema Namespace

Provides qualification for attributes and elements within an XML schema document (XSD).

The default is

The namespace on the message definition defaults to the schema namespace you set as the default on the Service Configuration page.

Note: If you change the namespace, all future messages will have the new namespace.


The name of the service.

Service Alias

(Optional.) Overrides the service name and will be the name of the service when the WSDL is provided or exported. The alias enables you to use mixed case in the name.

Service Operation

The name of the service operation to associate with the service.

On the Services page, use this field to add new service operations for the current service.


The namespace field on the Service pages provides qualification for attributes and elements within a WADL document.

The value defined in the Service Namespace field in the Service Configuration page is used as the default service namespace on the Services page. The default value is

Service System Status

The status that is selected restricts rename, delete, and other administrative actions that users can perform on integration metadata in the Services Administration component.

Values are:

  • Production.

  • Development.

See Understanding Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker for Handling Services.


Click the link to view WADL documents in the WSDL repository that have been generated for the service

This link appears only when the service you are viewing is a REST-based provider service.