Prerequisites for Providing Services

The following prerequisites exist for providing services:

  • The PeopleSoft system must be configured for handling services. Use the Service Configuration page to define the service namespace, schema namespace, target location and service system status.

  • If publishing services to a UDDI repository you must:

    Note: You can only publish WSDL documents to a UDDI repository.

    • Have the UDDI server set up, configured and running.

    • Have business entities and categories set up on the UDDI server that you intent to query from the Provide Web Service wizard.

    • Specify the UDDI server and other relevant information within the PeopleSoft system using the Service Configuration-UDDI Configuration page.

  • Service operations in services to provide must have any-to-local routing definitions defined.

  • There must be a minimum of one service operation associated with the service that you select for which to generate a WSDL document or a WADL document.

  • For services that contain service operations with nonrowset-based messages, schemas must exist. The message schema must contain a target namespace. If no target namespace exists an error will occur when the system attempts to generate the WSDL or WADL document.

    PeopleSoft automatically generates schema for services that contain operations with rowset-based messages.