Accessing Generated WSDL Documents and WADL Documents

This section discusses how to:

  • Use WSDL and WADL URLs to access generated WSDL and WADL documents.

  • Use the WSDL repository to access generated WSDL and WADL documents.

The last page of the Provide Web Service wizard, the Confirm Results page (IB_WSDLEXP_RSLTS), displays a WSDL/WADL generation log. The text box contains WSDL URLs for each WSDL document you generated or WADL URLs for each WADL document you generated.

To access a document copy the WSDL URL or WADL URL from the generation log and paste it into a browser of your choice to access the document.

Access the WSDL Repository page (IB_SERVICEDEFN_SEC) (PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Services. Click the View WSDL link or the View WADL link.

Image: WSDL Repository page

This example illustrates the WSDL Repository page. The example shows that there is WSDL in the repository for the QE_PO service and that the WSDL document contains information for the three service operations listed in the Exported Service Operations section of the page.

WSDL Repository page

The WSDL Repository page lists the WSDL or WADL documents that exist for a service.

The Default option on the page is selected and disabled. This indicates that the WSDL shown is the default WSDL document for the service. The WSDL document that is last generated is the default version for the service.

Note: Default WSDL documents for a service are used only when the service system status is Production.

To change the default version, you must provide the service again, and choose a different set of service operations to include in the new default version.

To access the WSDL document, click the View WSDL link. the WSDL Viewer page (IB_SERVICEWSDL_SEC) appears and displays the content of the WSDL document.

Image: WSDL Viewer

This example illustrates the WSDL Viewer page. The example shows the WSDL document generated for the QE_PO.1 service.

WSDL Viewer page

Click the Return button to return to the WSDL Repository page.