Defining General REST Service Operation Information

To define general REST service operation information:

  1. Access the Service Operations-General page (PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Services . Select the service that contains the service operation with which you want to work. The Services page appears. In the Existing Service Operations section, select the service operation. The Service Operations – General page appears.

  2. In the Operation Description field, enter a description for the operation.

  3. (Optional.) Select the User ID/ Password Required check box to require a user ID and password for inbound service operations.

    See Managing User Authentication.

  4. The Security Verification drop-down list appears when you are configuring a provider service operation, and you may select the level of security with which inbound integrations must be sent. The valid options for REST based provider/inbound service operations are:

    • Basic Authentication.

    • Basic Authentication and SSL.

    • PeopleSoft Token.

    • PeopleSoft Token and SSL.

    • None. (Default.)

    • SSL.

    Validating security on inbound integrations is described in other topics in the product documentation.

    See Validating Security on Inbound Integrations.

  5. (Optional.) In the Operation Comments field, enter comments about the service operation.

  6. (Optional.) From the Object Owner ID field, select the owner of the definition.

    The owner ID helps to determine the application team that last made a change to a service definition. The values in the drop-down list box are translate table values that you can define in the OBJECTOWNERID field record.

  7. (Optional.) In the Operation Alias field, enter an alias name for the service operation.

    When working with REST service operations the service operation alias is automatically populated with the service operation name as you entered it when you created the service operation.