Deleting Message Schemas

This section discusses how to delete message schemas.

You can delete message schemas using the Message Schema Builder page in the Message Schema Builder component (IB_SCHEMABUILD) or using the Message Schemas page in the Service Administration component (IB_HOME_PAGE).

Note: The Message Schema Builder page provides more comprehensive capabilities for searching for message schema.

You cannot delete a message schema when the message on which the schema is based is:

  • Referenced in a service operation.

  • Referenced as a message part in a container message.

  • A rowset-based message part.

  • A container message.

  • Referenced in a provided WSDL document.

When deleting a schema using the Message Schema Builder page use only the Delete Selected Schemas button. Do not attempt to delete message schemas by deleting content in the Schema text box in the schema details view; if you save the changes, PeopleSoft Integration Broker will attempt to validate the blank schema at runtime and the validation will fail.

You cannot delete message schemas when the service system status is set to Production.

The service system status that is set on the Service Configuration page.

See Understanding Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker for Handling Services.

To delete a message schema:

  1. Access the Message Schema Builder page (PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Utilities > Message Schema Builder).

    The Schema Builder search page appears.

  2. Locate the message with which you want to work.

    See Selecting Data in the Message Schema Builder.

    The Schema Builder page appears.

  3. In the Message Schema section, select the check boxes next to the message names that contain schemas you want to delete.

  4. Click the Delete Selected Schemas button.