Implementing Handlers Using Component Interfaces

You can implement a component interface as a handler to access extant business rules and processes to be used with the service operation data.

This section provides an overview of implementing handlers using component interfaces.

You can only use a component interface for On Notify, On Request and On Response handler types.

Component interfaces can be used as handlers for asynchronous and synchronous service operations. Asynchronous service operations should only be used with component interface methods that do not require a response, such as Update or Insert.

You must expose a component interface as a service before you can implement any of the component interface methods as handler actions.

The standard methods for a component interface (such as Find, Get, Save, Update, and so on) are automatically available for a handler. However, if you want to use a user-defined method, you must include the keyword Doc as part of the signature.

The process for implementing a handler using a component interface is:

  1. Expose the component interface as a service.

    See Selecting Component Interfaces to Expose as Services.

  2. Add a handler to the service operation.

    See Adding a Handler to a Service Operation.

  3. Specify general handler details.

    See Specifying General Handler Details.

  4. Specify component interface handler implementation details.

    See Specifying Component Interface Handler Implementation Details.

Before specifying component interface handler implementation details, you must first create a service from the component interface, add a handler to the service operation definition, and specify general handler details.

To specify component interface implementation details:

  1. On the Service Operations – Handlers tab, in the Handlers section, click the Details link.

    The Action Details page appears.

  2. In the Name field enter the component interface name, or use the Lookup button to search for and select one.

  3. From the Action drop-down list box, select an action.

  4. Click the OK button.

  5. Click the Save button.