Importing Message Schemas for Nonrowset-Based Messages

This section discusses how to import message schemas for nonrowset-based messages.

To import schemas for nonrowset-based messages:

  1. Access the Schema Builder page (PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Utilities > Message Schema Builder).

  2. Use the Message Schema Builder search engine to locate the message for which you want to import a schema.

    See Selecting Data in the Message Schema Builder.

  3. In the Message Schema grid, click the message name link for the message for which you want to import a schema.

  4. Import the schema.

    • Import a schema from a file.

      You can import a schema from a file by using the Upload Schema from File button and selecting the file to import. After you import the file, the contents displays in the Schema text box.

      Note: If you receive the error, “Error retrieving the file from database,” verify that one of the variables PS_FILEDIR or PS_SERVDIR is defined in the system variables on your machine.

      See Understanding Setting PS_FILEDIR and PS_SERVDIR Environment Variables.

    • Direct data entry.

      You can also enter the schema directly in the Schema text box.

  5. Click the Save button.

    The Schema Builder page appears.

A timestamp appears in the Updated On field and the Build Results field displays Successful Schema Insert.