Selecting Component Interface Methods to Include as REST Service Operations

This section discusses using the Review Status page (IB_CISERVICES2) to select methods to include REST services as service operations.

Image: Review Status page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Review Status page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Review Status page

The Review Status page shows the following information about the component interface you select to expose as a service:

Field or Control


CI Name

Name of the component interface.


Name of the REST service created based on the component interface.

Note that the REST service name is the component interface name with CIRT_ added as a prefix.


A description of the component interface. This information is taken from the component interface record and displays if it exists.

Status (Service)

Displays the status of the service. The valid values are:

  • Service does not exist and will be created. Indicates that a services does not exist for the service and the system will create one.

  • Service Exists. Indicates that a service has already been created for the component interface.


Select the check box to include a method as an operation for the service.

If the check box is disabled, the method has already been included in the operation and the Service Operation field displays the name of the operation created.

You can select one or more methods at a time.


Displays the action available to perform on the method. The valid values are:

  • Create Operation. Indicates that no service operation exists for the method and a new service operation can be created.

  • Create New Version. Indicates that the current request or response shape do not match the shapes previously generated and a new service operation version can be generated.

  • None. If an operation exists, it compares the component interface and the service operation. The availability of this action indicates that the component interface and the service operation are in sync, no action is required.


Name of the component interface method.

You can create service operations based on the following standard component interface methods:

  • Create.

  • Get.

  • Find.

  • Update.

  • Updatedata.

Update and Updatedata appear if both Get and Save have been enabled in the component interface.

Service Operation

Name of the service operation, if one exists for a method.

The name the system gives the service operation depends on the service name as well as the component interface method.

Status (Service Operation)

The status corresponds to the value in the Action field. The valid values are:

  • Does not exist. No service operation exists for the method.

  • Does not match. The service operation does not match the existing component interface.

  • OK. The service operation matches the existing component interface.

  • Operation created. The system created the operation.

Display Selected Actions

Click the button to display a summary of the actions requested and then generate REST services and service operations.