Terminating Transformation Programs

If you need to terminate a transform program for reasons that aren’t considered error conditions by PeopleSoft Integration Broker, you can use a PeopleCode step to force the transform program to terminate and generate a readable error message as well.

To generate an error:

  1. Replace the entire message content with a single node called Error, containing the reason for the error.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. Set the TransformData Status property to 2 to indicate error status.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker examines the Status property after each step and terminates the transform program if its value is 2. You can then view the message in Service Operations Monitor and see the reason for the error.

Note: If an XSLT or PeopleCode step fails for reasons that you haven’t taken into account, Integration Broker automatically sets the Status property to 2 and aborts the transform program, but you can’t provide your own error message.