Testing the Transformation

The Transform Test utility is very useful when creating message transforms, since it allows one to exercise the transform without actually having service operations being invoked.

This section discusses using the utility to verify the example in this topic.

To test the transformation:

  1. Save to file the example message XML from the Message Definition: PeopleSoft SCM Node section presented earlier in this topic.

  2. Put the XSL from the Setting Up The Transformation section of this topic in an application engine program.

  3. Access the Transformation Test utility.

    Select PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Utilities > Transformation Test.

    The Transformation Test Utility page appears.

  4. Add a new project.

  5. In the Program Name field, enter in the name of the application engine program containing the XSL.

  6. In the Source Node Name field, enter in the node name for the PeopleSoft SCM node.

  7. In the Destination Node Name field enter in the node name for the CRM node.

  8. In the File Name field, enter in the fully qualified path name of the file containing the input message.

  9. Click the Transform button.

    The transformed XML appears in the Message Text text box.