Using Message Object Functionality With Nonrowset-Based Messages

Prior to the PeopleTools 8.44 release, there were two distinct paths for writing and executing PeopleCode for PeopleSoft Integration Broker which were based on whether you were working with rowset-based XML messages or nonrowset-based XML messages.

For rowset-based XML messages, you could use a rowset and all the properties and methods associated with the Message class. For nonrowset-based XML messages, you could not use the Message class, but instead used built-in functions such as PublishXmlDoc and GetMessageXmlDoc. In addition, when working with nonrowset-based messages and these built-in functions, you could only access content data.

Effective with the PeopleTools 8.44 release, when working with nonrowset-based XML messages you can use all of the functionality of the Message object using two new methods, SetXMLDoc and GetXMLDoc.

Field or Control



Use this method to load and pass nonrowset-based data into the Message object.


Use this method to get nonrowset-based data out of the message object.

The following example shows how to use SetXMLDoc to use the Message object to publish a nonrowset-based message.

//&XmlDoc holds the nonrowset-based data as before.

// create an instance of the Message object
// Load the Message object with the xmldoc data.
// perform a publish for the nonrowset-based message

The following code example shows how to use GetXMLDoc to get nonrowset-based XML out of the Message object.

Local XMLDOC &XmlDoc;

// get an xmldoc object loaded with the content data. 
&XmlDoc = &MSG.GetXmlDoc();