Viewing Defined Message Schemas

This section discusses how to view defined XML schemas for messages.

To view defined message schemas for all messages contained in a service operation, in the Service Operations grid, locate a service operation with which to work and click the Schema link. The systems displays the service operation in the Schema Builder page (IB_SCHEMABUILD).

Image: Schema Builder page

This example illustrates the Message Schema Builder page. The example shows the pagedisplaying two messages for the MCFEM_REQ_MKFOLDER service operation.

Message Schema Builder page

The Exists field displays a value of Yes for both messages and indicates schemas have been built for both messages.

If schemas are not built for a message or messages, you can build them directly from this page by selecting the check boxes next to each message name and clicking the Build Selected Schemas button.

To view the XML schema for a message, click the message name link.

Image: Message schema page

This example illustrates the message schema for the MCFEM_REQ_MKFOLDER message.

Message page

To return to the Schema Builder page, click the Return button.

Using the Schema Builder page is documented in detail elsewhere in the product documentation.