Describing Layout Rapid App Designer

The Layout Rapid App Designer provides the ability to connect existing MAP applications together to build a customized MAP application without having to write any People Code, Java Script or CSS. This designer can be used not only by development but primarily by an actual end user. Development uses the Layout Designer to build small specific applications and register these applications or containers in the MAP store. These applications can then be selected by the end use to build a complete application.

In order to take full advantage of this designer MAP applications registered in the MAP store should be very descriptive. The end user should be able to properly determine what the application will actually do and what parameters are needed in order to get the desired result from the description provided when the application or container was registered. The end user can then use the concept of connected applications to create a customized application for their needs. Connected applications refer to one selected MAP application from the MAP store that can be connected via its defined document (business logic) to another MAP application. For example one MAP application when executed generates a purchase order. This purchase order can then be passed into another MAP applications which can use that defined purchase order to execute additional business logic.