Mobile Application Platform Security

There are several types of security that you can implement for mobile application that you build with the Mobile Application Platform.

Restricted Access to Templates and Layouts

You can control developer access to Mobile Application Platform application pages by restricting templates and layouts.

When you restrict a layout or template, it cannot be changed or deleted from the database.

Permission List Access to Mobile Application Pages

You can use PeopleSoft permission lists to grant user-profile access to invoke specific pages in your applications.


You can secure the mobile applications that you develop with Mobile Application Platform using the PeopleSoft authentication framework.

You can secure your mobile application pages using:

  • Basic authentication.

  • Basic authentication and SSL.

  • PeopleSoft token.

  • People Soft token and SSL.

  • SSL.

PeopleSoft delivers a configurable sign-on page for use if you use PeopleSoft token or PeopleSoft token and SSL authentication.