PeopleSoft Documents

To create a mobile application in the Mobile Application Platform framework, you must link a PeopleSoft document to the application.

PeopleSoft Documents provide the data structure for mobile applications you build with the Mobile Application Platform framework.

If you are familiar with developing applications for PIA, the following comparisons may be helpful.

  • A document in the Mobile Application Platform framework is similar to a rowset in PIA.

    In PIA, a rowset provides the data structure for a PIA page. In the Mobile Application Platform, a PeopleSoft document provides the data structure for your mobile application pages contained in a layout.

  • A parent PeopleSoft document roughly equates to a Level 0 record in the PIA framework. And document compound and collection elements roughly equate to Level 1 records in the PIA framework, however unlike a rowset, there does not have to be a parent-child relationship with documents.

When developing a PeopleSoft document for a Mobile Application Platform application keep in mind that you are always mapping to a logical document. PeopleSoft provides a Document Builder and several utilities for creating and managing documents.

For more information see PeopleSoft Documents Technology Overview