Understanding Managing Layout Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading style sheets (CSS) enable you to programmatically describe how application are to appear and display when rendered in HTML and XML. And through the use of media queries, you can influence how they appear on different devices.

Use the Layout Designer - CSS page (IB_DOCLOCSS) to create CSS3-compliant style sheets, media queries and themes in your application. Note that you are responsible for the correctness and completeness of your code, as the system does not perform any validation on cascading style sheet, media query or theme code you create and define on this page.

If you link one or more templates to the pages of a layout, the system-generated cascading style sheet(s) appear on the page in read-only format. To make changes to cascading style sheets defined in a template and assigned to a page or layout, you must open the layout template, and make the necessary changes on the Layout Designer – CSS page. Then on the Layout-Designer-Layout page click the Sync Element Types button to synchronize the template modifications with the layout.

The Mobile Application Platform framework applies cascading style sheets following a specific order of precedence. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the order of precedence to ensure that the correct styles are applied to your mobile application pages.