Understanding Using the Template Designer

The Mobile Application Platform features a Template Designer for building layout templates.

Using the Template Designer you:

  • Define the sections of an application page. For example, define the main content area, the header, the footer, and so on. In the Mobile Application Platform framework, these sections are called containers.

  • Define CSS style rules for each container, such as selectors, selector properties, and selector values.

  • (Optional.) Define media queries that specify how application pages render on different mobile devices.

  • (Optional.) Add CSS and CSS plug-ins to run on application pages.

  • (Optional.) Add JavaScript events and JavaScript plug-ins to run on application pages.

The end result of building a template in the Template Designer is a template that you can apply to one or more application pages or applications in the Layout Designer.

Layout templates that you create in the PeopleSoft system are managed objects.

When you save a layout template the system automatically generates a CSS3-compliant style sheet that becomes part of the template. (As described previously in this section, you can also manually add CSS, CSS plug-ins and JavaScript to templates.)