Adding Layout Templates

This topic discusses how to:

  • Name layout templates.

  • Add main containers to layout templates.

  • Add HTML to layout templates.

Understanding Adding Layout Templates

To add a layout template to the system at a minimum you must:

  • Name the template.

  • Add a main container to the template.

  • Add HTML to the template.

Note that you cannot save a template until you have provided the minimum information.

Note: This topic describes the minimum steps and information to enter to add a layout template to the PeopleSoft database.

Naming Layout Templates

To name a layout template:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Mobile Application Platform > Template Designer.

  2. Click the Add Template tab.

  3. In the Template Name field enter a name for the template.

  4. Click the Add button.

    The Template Designer page appears.

  5. In the Description field enter a short description for the template.

  6. In the Long Description field enter a more lengthy description for the template.

The next section describes how to add a main container to a layout template.

Adding Main Containers to Layout Templates

To add a main container to a template:

  1. Click the Containers tab. The Template Designer - Containers page appears.

  2. In the Container Class Name field, enter a class name for the container.

  3. Select the Main Container box.

  4. In the Comments box enter any comments about the container.

Proceed to the next section for information about adding HTML to the template.

Adding HTML to Layout Templates

To add a template to the database you must enter some HTML in the HTML long edit box in the Template Designer – Viewer page.

This page is where you document information and details about the template, so that other developers may understand the template contents and evaluate using it for their applications.

When you initially add a template to the database you can add as little as opening and closing HTML tags in the HTML box. For example:


To add HTML to a layout template:

  1. Click the Viewer tab. The Template Designer – Viewer page appears.

  2. In the HTML long edit box, enter some HTML related to your template.

  3. Click the Save button.