Attaching Layout Sub-Templates

Use the Add Sub Template page to attach one or more sub-templates to a layout template.

The order in which you add layout sub-templates to a layout is important. The definitions on the last sub- template added to the database take precedence over other sub-templates should duplicate class names be used.

To attach a layout sub-template to a template:

  1. Access the Add Sub Template page.

    Select PeopleTools > Mobile Application Platform > Template Designer and click Add Sub Templates link.

  2. In the Sub Templates grid click the Lookup button to search for a sub-template to add.

  3. Click the Add a Row button (+) and repeat Step 1 to add additional sub-templates.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. Click the Go to Sub Template link to access the definition for a sub-template.

To view the definition for a sub-template, after search for a sub-template click the Go to Sub Template link in the grid.