Developing PeopleSoft Documents for Layouts

This topic discusses how to:

  • Map layout page elements to PeopleSoft document elements.

  • Develop document for layouts.

This topic also discusses development considerations for building PeopleSoft documents for layout.

When creating documents for Mobile Application Platform applications you should be aware of the layout page elements that you can map to elements in the PeopleSoft document linked to the layout.

The following table lists the types of layout page elements that you can map to PeopleSoft document elements:

Layout Page Element

PeopleSoft Document Element

  • Static Text.

  • Image Static Text.

  • URL.

  • Flip Toggle.

  • Push Button.

  • Input.

  • Radio Button.

  • Check Box.

  • Slider.

  • HTML Area.

Primitive, compound (not wrapped in a collection)

  • Table.

  • (Dynamic) List View


  • Select Box.

  • Menu.

Primitive wrapped in a Collection

Consider the following additional points relative to mapping layout page elements to PeopleSoft document elements:

  • Compound elements and collection elements must contain only primitive elements. The exception is for the List View page element, where you can define collection elements that contain compound elements.

  • The Select Box and Menu page elements can consist of primitives or primitives wrapped in a collection. Define primitives wrapped in a collection if the user is to choose multiple values/options in the select box or menu.

  • Primitive elements to map to Radio Button page elements and Check Box page elements must be defined as Boolean data types in PeopleSoft documents.

This section discusses developing documents for layouts.

Developing New Documents

Use the Document Builder page (IB_LOGICALSCHEMA) in the Documents component (IB_LOGICALSCHEMA) to create PeopleSoft documents for layouts. To access the page select PeopleTools > Documents > Document Builder.

Developing Documents from PeopleSoft Records

In addition to developing PeopleSoft documents from the ground up, you can also create documents from existing PeopleSoft records. You can use a document created from a record by itself as a document to link to a layout. You can also define the record-turned-document as a compound child element in a document.

Use the Create Document from Record page (IB_DOCUMENT_CRREC) in the Documents Utilities component (IB_DOCUMENT_CRREC) to create a PeopleSoft document from a PeopleSoft record. To access the page select PeopleTools > Documents > Document Utilities > Create Document from Record.

Consider the following points when developing PeopleSoft documents for Mobile Application Platform applications:

  • Valid documents for layouts can only be one-level deep.

  • Use collections elements to use multiple rows of data.

  • Documents typically contain child documents. However, since the documents you link to a layout can be only one level deep, child documents cannot contain compound elements or collection elements.