Managing Referenced Containers in Layout Rapid App Designer

To add containers to layout grid:

  1. Use the Map Store Search to display the available layouts in the MAP Store.

  2. Position your cursor on the row above where you want to add the container.

  3. Click the Container icon in the MAP Store search list.

  4. The URI mapping page is displayed.

  5. After the URI mapping is complete, the container is added to the grid layout.

Use the URI Mapping page to define the primitives to pass to the application.

Image: URI Mapping page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the URI Mapping page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

URI Mapping page

Field or Control


Mapping Layouts

Click the drop down to select from the available mapping layouts for this application.

Once selected, the available primitives will be populated in the Available Primitive section.

Available Layout URIs

Select the URI applicable to your application.

URI Elements Requiring Mapping

You can define constant or primitive values for URI parameter values. When you select the Constant control, a Const Value field appears where you enter the constant value. When you select the Primitive control, a Select Primitive link appears to access the Select Primitive page to define a primitive for the URI parameter.

Select Primitive

This link will appear when you select Primitive. Click the link to open the Primitive Mapping page.