Converting Existing Layouts and Reports to OpenXML Format

All PS/nVision layouts and all report instances (that are used to perform drilldown) must be in OpenXML format (.xlsx). If you want to use existing layouts and reports that are in previous Excel format (.xls), you must convert their format to .xlsx.

To convert layouts and reports from .xls format to .xlsx format, perform one of these methods on the PS/nVision client desktop:

  • Manual and individual conversion.

  • Mass conversion using Microsoft conversion utility.

Manual and Individual Conversion

To manually and individually convert layout or report from .xls format to .xlsx format:

  1. Open the .xls layout or report in Microsoft Excel 2007.

  2. Click on the Office button on the upper-left corner.

  3. Select Save As, Excel Workbook for the layout or report that does not contain macros.

    Otherwise, select Save As, Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook for the layout or report that contains macros.

  4. Enter the name of the layout or report using the .xnv format.

    For example, ExpenseDetail.xnv.

  5. Set the Save As type in .xlsx for the layout or report that does not contain macros.

    Otherwise, set the Save As type in .xlsm for the layout or report that contains macros.

  6. Click the Save button to complete the conversion, and close the layout or report.

  7. Repeat step 1 through step 6 for each layout or report that needs to be converted.

Mass Conversion Using Microsoft Conversion Utility

Microsoft provides these free software toolset for converting .xls format to .xlsx format:

  • MigrationPlanningManager.exe, which includes the ofc.exe file and other tools used for mass conversion.

  • FileFormatConverters.exe Office Pack, which installs binaries used for format conversion.

To convert layouts from .xls format to .xlsx format using the Microsoft conversion utility:

  1. Download the MigrationPlanningManager.exe folder and extract it into a new folder.

    For example, C:\Office.

  2. Download and install the FileFormatConverters.exe Office Pack.

    Note: This step is required even if Microsoft Office 2007 is already installed on your computer.

  3. Access C:\Office\tools and open the ofc.ini file using Notepad.

  4. In Notepad, set the following values:

    • MacroControl=1

      This setting processes the macros associated with the layouts.

    • fldr=<PS_HOME>/nVision/Layouts

      This setting refers to the source folder location that contains the layouts to be converted.

  5. Backup all layouts that need to be converted and move them to a separate folder.

  6. Rename all nVision layouts from *.xnv to *.xls.

    This step is required because the utility does not recognize any file types other than Excel's native file types.

  7. Open the command prompt and access C:\Office\Tools.

  8. Run the ofc.exe file.

    This utility converts all .xls files present in the source folder, which are stored in the ofc.ini file, to .xlsx format.

  9. Rename the layouts from *.xlsx or *.xlsm to *.xnv.

Note: Microsoft conversion utility may not successfully convert password-protected layouts; password-protected layouts should be manually or individually converted.