Understanding Layouts

PS/nVision enables you to import information directly from your database into an Excel spreadsheet, so you can spend your time analyzing results rather than summarizing data and entering it into your spreadsheet.

To specify the data you want to bring into Excel, you use a report layout. A report layout is an Excel spreadsheet used as a template to define how a report looks and the type of information that goes into the spreadsheet’s different cells. A layout does not contain data from the database. Rather, it specifies what data should be mapped directly into your report.

You do not need to create a new layout every time you run a report. After you have created a library of report layouts, select the existing layout that best suits your needs. PS/nVision keeps track of the layout used in any given report, so to run an existing report you simply select nVision, Report Request and specify the report name or simply click the Run Reports button from the NVSUSER homepage. The correct layout is loaded automatically.