Changing the Startup File

When you start PS/nVision, it opens NVSUSER.XLS by default. If it cannot locate NVSUSER.XLS, it looks for the NVSUSER.XLM file.

If you start PS/nVision from a Microsoft Windows shortcut, you can specify a different startup file in the PS/nVision command line. Include the -SF argument followed by the name of the startup file. For example, to have PS/nVision open the file NVSDEV.XLS, enter a command similar to the following in the Target edit box in the Properties dialog box for the shortcut:

c:\pt800\bin\client\winx86\psnvs.exe -SFNVSDEV.XLS

This feature enables you to provide different startup files for different classes of users.

Note: PS/nVision searches for the startup file in the same directories where it looks for its default startup file.