Running Reports

This section describes how to:

  • Run a report from a report request.

  • Run a report from the NVSUSER home page.

As PS/nVision runs the report, it does the following:

  • Creates a copy of the layout for each instance of the report.

  • Calls the database to extract information defined in the layout of the report, replacing the selection criteria with specific values.

  • Examines the report request, scope, and accounting calendars to transform PS/nVision variables into values.

Microsoft Excel then performs the calculations you entered on the layout. The finished report—a normal Microsoft Excel spreadsheet—appears on your screen. This spreadsheet is also saved in the directory you specified.

If you produced multiple instances of a report, each instance is saved in the specified directory, all instance are closed except the last instance to save Microsoft Excel memory.

When you run a report from the PeopleSoft nVision Report Request dialog box, PS/nVision opens the layout for you, checks the detail values and trees that you’ve specified as valid, extracts the data from your database, and enables Microsoft Excel to run its functions.

To run a report from the PeopleSoft nVision Report Request dialog box in PS/nVision:

  1. Select nVision > Report Request from the nVision menu.

    The Report Request dialog box appears.

  2. Create a new report request or search for an existing one.

  3. Modify the report request as necessary.

  4. Click the Save button to save your settings.

    Note: When you run the report, the dialog box closes and unsaved changes are lost.

  5. Click the Run button.

Note: To run the last opened report request, select nVision > Run Current Report from the nVision menu. The report request last opened in the PeopleSoft nVision Report Request dialog box runs automatically.

You can run a report from the NVSUSER home page in several ways. If you have a report layout open on your screen, click the Run Current Report icon from the toolbar. The report runs and the results appears on your screen.

To run a report from your Preferences list:

  1. In the NVSUSER home page, select any number of report requests from your Report Request list.

  2. Click the arrow buttons to move the reports to other positions in the queue, if necessary.

  3. Click the Run Report(s) button.

The reports are run in sequential order from top to bottom.