Using Filter Criteria

As with other matrix layouts, you use filter criteria to specify the character field values (such as ACCOUNT) selected for rows and columns of the report.

As in query-based layouts, filter criteria can be expressed in terms of detail values or tree nodes, and can be nPloded to generate multiple detail rows or columns. However, with ledger-based layouts, filter criteria also can be expressed as summary ChartField nodes.

When defining filter criteria for a database containing ledgers, you can use summary ChartField nodes as criteria values. This use of summary ChartField nodes retrieves data from a summary ledger ChartField that contains tree nodes as values. Detail ledger ChartFields serve as keys to the detail ledger by categorizing posted total amounts. You can create summary ledgers that roll up detail amounts based on specific detail values or on selected tree nodes. When detail values are summarized using tree nodes, you must use summary ChartFields in the summary ledger data record. The maximum length of a node name is 20 characters.

For example, values contained in a Department ChartField (such as DEPTID 0100, 0200, 0300, and so forth) on a detail ledger can be rolled up (using an organizational tree) into a Division ChartField on a summary ledger. You can store these values with summary ChartField node names such as Sales, Marketing, and Administration.

You can use summary trees or summary ChartField nodes to access data from a summary ledger of this type. You should use summary trees because then you can create different rollups of the summarized nodes and use nPlosion on them. When you drill down, summary trees also let you translate summary criteria to the corresponding detail criteria back in the general ledger. When specifying criteria via a summary tree, click the Selected Tree Nodes option in conjunction with the summary ChartField.

Note: PS/nVision does not support the translation of summary ChartField nodes when you are drilling down to the detail ledger. Use the summary tree criteria.

To add a field and summary ChartField node values to filter criteria in PS/nVision:

  1. Follow the procedure for adding tree node values.

    See Using Filter Criteria.

  2. From the Field Name dialog box, select the Selected Summary ChartField Nodes option.