PeopleSoft Optimization Framework Implementation

The functionality to use the PeopleSoft Optimization Framework, as well as to create your own Optimization plug-in (OPI), is delivered as part of standard PeopleSoft PeopleTools that are provided with all PeopleSoft products.

Several activities must be completed before you can use the PeopleSoft Optimization Framework in your implementation.

  • Install your PeopleSoft application according to the installation guide for your database type.

    See the product documentation for PeopleSoft 9.2 Application Installation for your database platform.

  • Establish a user profile that provides access to PeopleSoft Application Designer and any other processes you will use.

  • Follow the general overview and instructions in this document to design your application to take advantage of PeopleSoft Optimization Framework, populate the appropriate records, build the application pages, retrieve the result data, as well as configure the application server, the analytic server, and the optimization engines.