PeopleSoft Optimization Framework Overview

PeopleSoft Optimization Framework provides a foundation for building applications that use the optimization-based, decision-making capability in the PeopleTools environment.

This section provides an overview of the conceptual information available about the PeopleSoft Optimization Framework:

  • Understanding PeopleSoft Optimization discusses optimization and the framework components and architecture, as well as doing optimization-based development.

  • Designing Analytic Type Definitions provides overviews of analytic type definitions and optimization application records.

    It also discusses how to use these items and develop your own application-based optimization.

  • Optimization PeopleCode contains the reference material for the PeopleCode used in PeopleSoft Optimization Framework, as well as considerations for creating optimization PeopleCode programs.

  • Administering Optimization Server Components provides an overview of optimization administration and discusses configuring the optimization engines.