Running the Optimization System Audit

After you have created the analytic type definition, run SYSAUDIT with the optimization options selected. This ensures that the definition is valid and consistent.

To run the optimization system audit in the PeopleSoft application:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Utilities > Audit > Perform System Audit.

  2. Enter a run control ID.

  3. On the System Audit page, select the Audit Optimization Integrity check box, and click the Run button.

  4. On the Process Scheduler Request page, ensure that the System Audit check box is selected, select a server name, and click the OK button.

  5. When the System Audit page reappears, click the Process Monitor link (to the left of the Run button).

  6. On the Process List page, at the end of the line for SYSAUDIT, click the Details link.

  7. On the Process Detail page, click the View Log/Trace link.

  8. On the View Log/Trace page, click the SYSAUDIT_XX file name.

    This file contains the audit report for your optimization.