Accessing Component Record PeopleCode

This section provides an overview of the component record event set and discusses how to access component record PeopleCode.

Component record PeopleCode is associated with a record definition, but only with respect to a component and one of its events. Use this type of association to tailor programs to a particular component. This PeopleCode is directly accessible through the component structure view, not from the record definition.

Search records and non-search records in components have different associated event sets. The following events are associated with search records within a component:

  • SearchInit

  • SearchSave

The following events are associated with non-search records within a component:

  • RowDelete

  • RowInit

    In rare circumstances, the Component Processor does not run RowInit PeopleCode for some record fields. The Component Processor runs RowInit PeopleCode when it loads the record from the database. However, in some cases, the record can be initialized entirely from the keys for the component. When this happens, RowInit PeopleCode is not run.

  • RowInsert

  • RowSelect

  • SaveEdit

  • SavePostChange

  • SavePreChange

To access PeopleCode associated with a component record, open the structure view of the component, select a record, right-click the record name, and select View PeopleCode.

The PeopleCode Editor appears. If the record has associated PeopleCode, then the first program in the component record event set appears in the editor.