Accessing Menu Item PeopleCode

This section provides an overview of menu item PeopleCode and discusses how to:

  • Define PeopleCode pop-up menu items.

  • Access menu item PeopleCode.

PeopleTools menus are one of two types, either pop-up or standard, both of which are standalone definitions in the project hierarchy. However, you can only associate PeopleCode with menu items in pop-up menus.

The menu item event set consists of a single event, the ItemSelected Event. This event fires whenever an user selects a menu item from a pop-up menu.

Note: Do not confuse menu item PeopleCode with PeopleCode functions related to the appearance of menu items, such as CheckMenuItem.

To define a PeopleCode pop-up menu item:

  1. In the open pop-up menu definition, double-click the menu item to access its properties.

    If you are creating a new menu item, double-click the empty rectangle at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

    The Menu Item Properties dialog box appears.

  2. If this is a new menu item, enter a name and a label for the item.

  3. Select PeopleCode from the Type group box.

  4. Click OK to close the Menu Item Properties dialog box.

To access pop-up menu item PeopleCode:

  1. Open the pop-up menu definition.

  2. Right-click the menu item and select View PeopleCode.

    The PeopleCode Editor appears, displaying the associated program for that menu item, if any.